Complete List of Workers' Comp Codes in Florida

Florida Workers' Comp Code List (2019)

Having the correct code is crucial to saving money on workers comp insurance. Search through the classifications below to make sure you are paying the lowest price possible. Codes have been updated for 2019.

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Florida Workers' Comp Code Florida Manual Rate per $100 (2019) Florida Manual Rate per $100 (2018) Description
$5.14$6.02Farm: Nursery EE's & Drivers
$4.08$4.64Farm: Gardening-Market or Truck- & Drivers
$9.00$11.02Orchard & Drivers-Fruit Harvesting
$4.15$4.79Sugar Cane Drivers & Workers
$5.08$6.00Producers- Poultry & Egg- Drivers
$3.51$3.83Farm Florists & Drivers
$6.28$6.94Dairy Farm including Drivers
$5.63$6.43Field Crops & Drivers: Farm
$5.99$6.54Farm Machiney-Operation by Contractors
$5.14$6.15Grove & Orchid Owners & Operaters
$0.10$0.12Reporting Disease Exp in Connection w/ Sandblasting
$0.03$0.03Reporting Disease Exp in Connection w/ Sandblasting Foundries
$0.03$0.03Reporting Disease Exp in Connection w/ Sandblasting Non Ferrous..
$0.03$0.03Reporting Disease Exp in Connection w/ Sandblasting-Iron?
$4.04$4.83Farm: Berry Vineyard & Drivers
$7.56$9.04Farm: Cattle or Livestock
$11.54$12.57Tree Pruning
$4.76$5.60Fish Hatchery or Farm
$6.12$7.23Lawn/Shrub Spraying Including Drivers
$2.74$3.23Animal Raising & Drivers (Farm)
$0.89$0.89Berry Farm & Drivers
$4.55$5.06Irriagation or Drainage Canals & Pump Maintenance
$10.66$11.59Cotton Gin and Operations and Local Manager & Drivers
$0.49$0.49Reporting Non-ratable Portion of Rate for code 4771
$194.00$193.00Part Time Domestic Workers
$777.00$946.00Full Time Domestic Workers
$6.50$7.97Inside Cleaning Services Inside Customers Res
$6.20$6.40Coal Excavating or Mining Surface & Drivers
$4.71$5.80Underground Stone Clay or Ore Extraction- Not Coal
$2.77$3.09Mining Maintenance of Buildings-Not Coal or Shafts
$1.71$1.93Phospate Mining & Drivers
$1.80$2.14Gas or Oil Leasing Owner Operators
$10.01$11.47Well Cleaning of Exisiting Wells by Contractor- No Drilling or Drivers
$4.87$5.65Red or White Lead Smelting
$5.32$6.14Blast Furnice Maintenance & Repairs& Drivers-Not Iron Or Lead
$2.46$3.15Ore Milling & Drivers -NOT LEAD
$15.04$18.55Asphalt Paving Contractor
$3.94$4.51Wood Distillation & Drivers
$1.28$1.37Resiin or Turpentine MFG & Drivers- Steam or Non Destructive Process
$3.42$4.16Quarry Operation & Drivers
$2.28$2.80Lime Manufacturing from Limestone
$5.26$6.33Quarry Operation -Cement is at least 75%
$3.47$4.58Quarry Operation -Lime is at least 75%
$3.32$3.83Mineral Installation Material- Rock Wool Crushing
$3.84$4.55Cement Manufaturing
$8.10$11.09Stone Crushing & Operators
$3.64$4.16Silica or Mineral Grinding & Drivers- Flint or Spar
$2.02$2.26Emery or Talc Grinding & Drivers
$6.01$6.76Abrasive Wheel MFG & Drivers - Compounding & Molding
$9.03$10.19Stone Cutting or Polishing & Drivers
$2.52$3.02Asbestos Manufacturing from Flake- MICA GOODS
$2.35$2.89Sandpaper or Emery Cloth Manufacturing
$2.69$2.86Cable Manufacturing- Wire - not iron or steel
$4.80$6.64Die Casting
$5.61$6.16Feed or Grain Milling
$3.45$3.49Cereral or Bar Manufacturing
$2.54$2.80MFG- Sugar Cane Or Sugar Beet to Sugar-Refining
$3.03$3.24Ice Cream MFG & Delivery
$3.36$3.88Candy Manufactuing-Sweet Confection
$3.32$3.77Condensed or or Malted Milk Manufacturing
$5.62$6.02Cheese or Butter Mfg & Drivers
$5.09$6.03Packing House-Meat Products Handling & Butchery
$5.01$6.79Sausage or Fish Products Manufacturing-Meat Products
$4.71$5.52Fruit Packaging
$2.89$3.32Cannery- Fruit & Vegetables
$4.68$4.74Fruit Preserving- Jellies & Jams
$3.67$3.74Oyster Processing-Shucking
$2.52$2.89Citrus Products Processing
$1.41$1.74Brewery Operation Including Distributing & Drivers
$2.12$2.34Liquor Distillory-Grain Alcolhol MFG
$2.22$2.72Liquor Bottling- Includes Warehousing-Blending
$4.08$4.64Bottling Operations-Includes Sign Errection & Repair
$1.53$1.64Tobacco Products Mfg- Includes Cigars & Cigarette
$2.95$3.49Tobacco Warehousing- Tobacco Auction Houses
$9.92$10.28Cotton Batting
$2.61$3.02Cotton Yarn or Thread Manufacturing
$2.08$2.37Wool Yarn Spining & Weaving
$4.40$5.30Felting Manufacturing- Mat Like Material
Plush or Velvet Manufacturing
$2.26$2.64Silk Yarn or Thread Manufacturing
$2.14$2.10Synthetic Yarn Manufacturing-Rayon
$2.49$2.91Hosiery Manufacturing
$2.46$2.42Glove or Mitten Mfg. - Knit
$4.16$5.77Webbing MFG-Eleastic or Non Elastic Webbing
Lace Manufacturing
$1.73$1.96Embroidering Textile Fabrics
$2.89$3.16Rug or Carpet Making
$2.51$2.84Cloth Printing - Silk Screening-/Textile Bleaching
$2.25$2.42Yarn Finishing or Dyeing
$3.07$4.01Machine Printing of All Fabrics-Cloth
$2.46$2.73Cloth & Canvas Making- Clothing
$1.64$1.77Tailoring or Dress Making-Custom
$2.37$2.33Artificail Flowers or Hair Extensions or Wigs-Feather
$4.75$5.76Mattress Making Including Box Springs
$4.14$4.59Laundry Operation-Not Retail
$4.05$4.84Cleaning & Dyeing Plant Operations -Wholsale
$2.70$3.23Toilet & Towel Supply Company- Route Supervisors & Drivers
$2.87$3.17Dry Cleaning and Laundry Store& Drivers - Retail
$4.00$4.46Fur Preparation- Machinery & By Hand
$7.82$9.18Leather-Tanning-Patent or Enamel
$2.96$3.15Shoe Stock Making
$2.49$2.73Shoe Making including Boots-Hand or Machine
$2.15$2.50Glove Making - Leather or Textile
$1.91$1.88Luggage Making- Travel or Handbags
$2.95$3.88Leather Goods Making- Wallets
$11.08$13.18Logging and Tree Removal Operations
$12.21$14.44Sawmill-Lumber Production
$7.64$9.21Veneer MFG - Bark Removal By Steam-Cutting
$4.55$4.47Planing Wood- Molding and Planers
$4.65$5.54Furniture - Wood-Manufacturing
$7.37$8.41Pallet or Box Assembly
$2.28$2.59Pattern Manufacturing-From Wood or Metal- Ex:Shoe Forms
$8.08$8.54Factory: Modular or Pre Fab Homes
$6.13$6.28Modular or Pre Fabricated Home Installation &* Hookup
$8.01$8.41Carpentry - Shop Only - & Drivers
$3.06$3.53Broom or Brush Making with no sawing
$2.38$2.48Broom or Brush Making - Sawing or Molding
$4.23$5.00Woodenware Manufacturing- Sawing
$4.03$4.70Furniture & Cabinet Shop by hand
$5.01$5.65Wood Furniture & Cabinet Shop
$3.27$3.21Veneer Products Mfg - Hardwood Flooring
$4.78$6.05Veneer Product Mfg - Does Not Include MFG of Veneer itself
$2.48$2.87Piano Maker-Frames
$5.04$6.04Wood Preserving- Pole
$2.06$2.44Iron or Steel Making including Drivers
$3.58$4.11Rolling Mill Inclduding Drivers- Iron or Steel
$4.42$4.93Pipe or Tube Maker- Does not include Iron or Steel
$3.64$3.60Pipe Maker- Iron or Steel
$8.34$8.98Iron or Steel: Fab Shop
$7.50$8.46Iron or Steel: Fabrication: Iron or Steel-Shop-Ornamental - & Drivers
$4.60$5.78Decorative or Artistic Iron or Steel Fabrication Shop
$5.94$6.25Elevator or Escalator Maker
$6.23$7.46Metal Sign Maker
$4.48$5.22Fireproof Equipment Saw Manufacturing
$6.15$6.97Ferrous Foundry- Cast or Malleable Iron
$5.32$6.05Steel Casting Foundry for Railroads or Car Wheels
$5.35$6.78Non Ferrous Foundry- Brass
$5.06$6.02Forging Iron or Steel Shapes- Includes Engine Parts
$2.51$2.89Tool & Saw
$3.94$4.20Tool Maker- Drop or Machine Forged
$2.15$2.40Saw Making- Hand & Power Saws
$0.99$1.21Needle Maker- includes Pens or Pen nibs
$1.97$2.18Cutlery-Carving Knife Maker- Butcher & Pocket Knifes
$1.83$2.18Agricultural Tool Maker-Mining
$2.49$2.45Metal Button or Fasterner Maker
$3.21$3.53Nut or Bolt Maker- from Iorn or Steel Stock Received from Others
$2.58$2.68Screw Maker- Wood & Machine Screws
$2.95$3.23Hardware Maker- Doorknobs
$2.77$3.04Gas & Electric Stove Maker
$4.54$5.00Radiator Maker - Steam and Hot Water
$2.25$2.63Lighting Fixtures -MFG
$3.80$4.77MFG&Repair -Lighting
$2.63$2.58Plumbig Supplies
$1.71$1.82Can Maker- Light Guage Metal
$3.76$4.61Coleman or Gas Latern Type Maker
$3.36$3.94Bathtub or Pot Maker- Enamel Ware Products
$4.22$5.00Cooking Pot Maker - Made from Sheet Aluminum
$3.36$3.63Wire Maker- Iron or Steel Stranding or Rope
$3.00$3.18Wire Drawing Machine Operations - Materials Received from others
$2.31$2.52Wire Cloth Maker
$3.19$3.43Wire Goods MFG- Includes Light Guage Fencing
$4.77$5.44Bed Spring Wire Maker
$3.74$4.73Spring Maker- Not Wire- Auto Bumper Making & Repair
$3.62$4.19Metal Heat Treating
$4.29$5.24Brass or Copper Goods Maker- Stamping & Hammering
$2.98$3.55Tin Foil Maker
$3.29$3.74Metal Lost Wax Foundry- Lead or Brass received from others
$7.17$9.23Welding Shop- Welding or Cutting by Contract
$3.90$3.91Electroplating- Placing Decorative or Protective Coating
$5.59$6.93Galvanizing or Tinting - Not an Electronic Process
$1.91$2.15Jewelry Maker
$0.78$0.89Watch Maker
$3.71$4.05Metal Stamped Goods- Barrel or Drum
$3.64$4.22Agricultural Machine Maker-Reapers & Mowers
$1.39$1.73Printing or Bookbinding Machine Maker
$3.04$3.40Candy Machine Maker- Confection Candies
$1.12$1.48Office Machine Maker- Cash Registers
$1.27$1.42Fuel Pump
$2.51$2.91Pump MFG & Repair
$5.27$5.83Boiler Maker-Compressed Air or Hydrolic Device - Pump Maker
$1.62$1.82Precision Machine Parts
$4.06$4.63Machine Shop
$1.79$1.96Automatic Sprinkler Head MFG-Valve Making
$2.96$3.49Gear Making or Grinding
$1.96$2.11Bearing Maker - Ball or Roll
$1.64$1.61Dry Chargeable Battery Maker
$2.25$2.34Electric Transmission or Power Equipment Maker
$2.21$2.17Battery Maker- Wet Batteries used for Storage of Charge
$2.02$2.40Auto Generators
$1.07$1.19Scientific Instrument MFG
$2.12$2.97Oil Still Repair and Errection Contractor
$3.55$3.93Elect Apparatus or Repair-Garage & Overhead Doors
$3.59$4.66Steam Boiler Repair & Installation- Commercial Pressure Boilers
$3.12$3.38Metal Automobile Wheel Maker - Materials from Others
$2.44$2.75Auto Radiator Repair and MFG
$3.56$3.57Automobile Maker or Assembly of Complete Vehicles
$7.57$8.62Auto Junk Yard-Dismantiling or Part Salvage
$1.01$1.02Aircraft Engine Maker
$2.67$3.02Automobile Engine Maker
$1.42$1.62Airplane Mfg including Engines
$2.95$3.59Motorcycle Assembly and Manufacturing
$2.02$2.36Bicycle Manufacturing and Assembly
$3.25$3.72Railroad Car Maker- Rebuilding & Repairing included
$5.34$7.26Gravel or Sand Digging- Excavation of Surface Pits
$5.30$7.05Brick or Clay Product Makers & Drivers
$3.59$4.03Fire Brick Manufacturing & Drivers
$8.39$10.63Concrete Products Maker & Drivers- Shop or Yard Only
$2.84$3.34Plasterboard or Plaster Block Maker- Stucco Wall & Roof Coatings
$3.48$4.11Statue Maker- Includes Ornaments- From Plaster & Molds
$2.60$2.87Pottery Maker- Decorative or Architecural Terra-Cotta
$3.21$3.85Eathenware Pottery Maker- From Plaster of Paris
$3.47$3.97Porcelin Ware Pottery Maker- Ceramic Core
$3.25$3.58Polished/Blown Plate Glass Maker
$0.50$0.63Electrical Intergrated Circuit Manufacturing
$0.99$1.10Light Bulb Maker- All Types
$1.79$2.04Glassware Maker- Excluding Automatic Blowing Machines
$2.20$2.61Cut Glass Manufacturing Cut - No Automatic Blowing Machines
$2.78$3.21Mechanical Glass Process- Glassware Maker
$5.04$6.17Glass Merchant Shop
$5.41$6.05Mirror Maker
$2.28$2.37Stained Glass or Cathedral Art Glass Maker
$0.73$0.79Optical Lenses and Goods Maker
$4.34$5.12Pulp Wood Maker- Wood Grinding
$2.80$3.18Pulp Wood Maker by Chemical Process
$1.80$1.95Paper Manufacturing
$5.81$5.87Paper Box Manufacturing
$2.64$3.18Box Manufacturing-Flat & Unglued Folding Paper
$3.03$3.45Fiberboard or Corrugated Container Maker
$2.54$2.80Paper Laminating or Corrugated- Steam or Gas Heated Metal Drum
$3.44$3.93Stationery Maker- Notebooks
$3.33$3.65Fiber Goods Making- Example Tolet Seats & Egg Holders
$3.09$3.90Paper or Plastic Bag Makers
$4.03$4.71Paper Goods MFG-Paper Plates
$1.60$1.86Drafting Pattern Paper Maker- Received from others
$3.00$3.72Felt Building or Roofing Paper- Making of Shingles and Sidings
$4.69$5.36Newspaper Publisher
$2.32$2.65Bookbinding - Hand & Machinery
$2.32$2.76Engraving-Metal Plates then impressions on Paper Stock - Cards
$4.14$5.24Rubber Goods Maker
$4.26$4.76Rubber Tire Maker-New Tires
$1.54$1.72Optical & Magnetic Recording Media Mfg- Cassettes
$1.28$1.52Foutain Pen Maker- Includes Mechanical Pencils & Ball Points
$3.61$4.42Fabricated Plastics Maker- Rods
$3.68$4.05Plastic Sheet Rod or Tube Maker- Plastic Molding Materials
$2.58$2.81Insulated Electrical Cable Maker- includes Covering
$3.32$4.48Plastics - Mfg- Raw Materials such as Pellets or Granules
$2.96$3.26Fabric Coating-Oils
$0.88$1.13Analytical Labs-Collectors of Samples
$2.22$2.50Ink Makers
$2.41$2.80Paint Makers- Lead not included
$2.32$2.87Salt or Borax Refining- Materials received from others
$1.12$1.26Phosphate Workers - Phosphate Rock or Pebble Bagging & Shipping
$8.27$10.36Fertilizer Makers including Drivers-
$3.80$3.93Oxygen or Hydrogen MFG & Drivers
$1.62$1.88Glue Making & Drivers- Animal Glues Liquid or Powder Form(s)
$7.01$8.14Rendering Works- Animal Cadavor Pick up Hide Storage & Shipment
$7.93$9.48Cottonseed Oil Maker- Mechanical Extraction
$3.90$4.42Vegetable Oil Maker- Rotary screw or Hydraulic pressing
$2.89$2.84Vegetable Oil Maker - Solvent Extraction Process
$0.79$0.88Dental Lab
$1.18$1.36Surgical or Pharmaceutical Goods Maker
$2.09$2.53Corn Products Maker- Starch Making
$3.55$4.17Candle Manufacturing
$2.19$2.50Butter Substitute Mfg- Vegetable Margarine
$2.96$3.46Soap Maker- Aniaml Fats
$1.70$2.01Oil Refining - Refining and retrieving gas & Crude Oils
$3.55$4.09Asphalt & Tar Distilling or Refining & Drivers
$2.37$2.83Synthetic Rubber Making- Buna-S
$2.75$2.75Amunition Making-Bag Loading
$7.67$9.85Fireworks or Explosives Distribution-Wholesale or Retail Merchants
$1.31$1.64Drug Manufacturing- Blending
$4.29$5.14Chemical Mixing - Bottling and Packing & Drivers
$1.62$2.24Chemical Manufacturing requiring a chemical conversion
$2.86$3.07Sporting Goods MFG-Golf Clubs
$2.52$3.08Photographic Supplies Maker- Film
$11.01$13.06Ceiling Installation Contractors- Suspended Acoustical Grid Type
$10.52$13.25Masonry: Block
$22.58$32.01Painting Metal Commercial Structures Above 2 Stories
$12.52$15.11Iron or Steel Erection-Frame
$6.77$8.00Iron or Steel: Erection -Other
$27.96$35.66Iron or Steel Erection - 2 Stories & Under
$19.56$21.39Iron or Steel Erection - Frame Structures 2 Stories & Under
$7.99$9.10Door & Window Installation
$6.49$8.28Furniture or Fixtures Installation
$2.48$2.81Elevators Errection & Rep
$4.39$5.15Plumbing & Drivers
$5.01$6.09Automatic Sprinklers Installation & Drivers
$4.80$5.41Electrical Wiring-Inside & Drivers-Electrition
$1.08$1.19Office Machine Install & Inspection
$3.52$3.88Vending Machines-Installation
$9.36$11.29Concrete Work- Rebar-Forms Reinforcing Steel
$9.45$12.72Concrete Work - 1 or 2 family - Connected Garages
$7.18$7.78Concrete or Cement- Flat-Driveways-Concrete Floors
$11.15$12.49Concrete -Bridges Culverts
$6.03$6.04Swimming Pool Const
$4.63$5.37Ceramic Tile
$6.02$6.03Hothouse Erection-All Operations
$9.38$11.74Carpentry - Wood-Termite Control or Wood Playgrounds
$7.83$8.76Carpentry -Cabinet Install-Interior Finish Carpentry
$4.46$5.30Lathing & Drivers- Interior & Exterior
$10.30$12.76Glazier-Glass & Mirror-Away from Shop
$10.36$12.54Asestos Removal Contractor-Boiler & Pipe Work&Drivers
$11.86$15.65Asbestos Removal-No Pipe & Boiler-Removal Contractors
$9.13$10.34Painting Including Shop Operations & Drivers
$4.79$5.27Floor Covering Installation
$9.28$11.33Acoustical or Thermal Insulation Work within Building or Walls
$9.20$10.35Plastering -Interior Specialist Contractors
$2.73$3.36Wall Paper Hanging & Drivers- Patterned or Solid Color
$8.90$10.38Street or Road Paving or Repaving & Drivers - Includes Airport Runways
$6.22$7.62Street or Road Construction: Sub Surface Work& Drivers
$12.75$16.03Street or Road Const & Drivers- Excavating Rock
$9.85$12.42Street or Road Const by State
$9.39$10.85Sheet Metal Work Install & Drivers-Pool Cages - Aluminum
$6.00$7.22HVAC Companies- Heating & Ventilation
$16.98$19.98Roofing- All Including Drivers
$1.47$1.81General Contractor-Project Manager
$7.79$9.81Cleaner- Debris Removal -
$14.74$17.95Cleaner - Debris Removal- Temporary Labor Service
$16.59$19.43Framers-Detached 1 or 2 Family Dwelings
$8.44$9.67Framers-3 Stories or Less-
$14.30$16.85Building Rasing or Moving & Drivers
$16.46$20.63Salvage Operation-Damanged Building Removal-No Wrecking
$0.57$0.67Virus or Anti Toxin Serum Making & Drivers
$10.89$13.27Pile Driving- Land
$15.33$14.97Marine Pile Driving Construction
$5.05$6.52Dam or Lock Construction- Concrete-Includes Scaffolding and Molds
$3.09$3.77Dam or Lock Construction- Earth Movement & Placement
$4.77$5.59Levee Construction- All Operations to Completion & Drivers
$8.71$11.33Drilling not related to Gas or Oil Wells
$3.30$4.07Oil or Gas Wells Including Acidizing Cementing & Drivers
$2.16$2.92Oil or Gas Well Equipment Leasing
$2.93$3.71Oil or Gas Well Casing Perforating-All EE's & Drivers
$6.48$7.32Oil or Gas Field Specialists Maintenance Contractors-Lease Work
$6.58$7.71Excavating & Drivers
$6.84$8.37Irrigation or Drainage System Construction & Drivers
$4.33$4.84Oil or Gas Pipeline-Cross Country Construction& Drivers
$9.02$11.27Oil or Gas Wells-Drilling or Redrilling & Drivers
$10.66$13.98Oil or Gas Wells-Recovery or Delivery of Casing
$2.22$2.22Oil or Gas Wells-Surveyor Work or Analysis Testing
$8.97$8.98Tunneling- Tunnel Construction-Non Pneumatic
$5.43$6.14Shaft Sinking-Pile Driving
$7.50$8.36Sewer Construction & Drivers
$4.90$5.88Gas Main or Connection-Includes Steam & Water Mains & Drivers
$6.91$7.71Conduit Construction- For Cables or Wires & Drivers
$8.01$9.73Fence Install & Repair- Metal
$2.41$2.68Potato Chip
$3.97$4.59Food Products Making- Including Coffee
$5.58$6.38Railroad Construction- Including Salespersons & Drivers
$10.48$12.23Railroad Construction Program II -USL Act
$6.20$7.10Rairoad Construction Program II -State Act Benefits
$2.97$2.78Boat Building - Wood U.S. Act
$3.70$4.58Boat Building - Wood State Act
$10.85$9.55Boat Building or Repair -Including Fiberglass
$4.94$4.94Marina including Drivers U.S. Act
$5.62$5.44Boat Building & Repair- Fiberglass Only including Dealears
$3.58$3.85Boat Building or Repair - State Act
$4.37$5.18Marina including Drivers State Act
$4.14$5.04Ship Building - Iron or Steel - Drivers
$10.69$10.58Ship Building - Iron or Steel - U.S. Act
$5.59$6.46Naval Ship Building-U.S. Act
$5.05$4.91Shipbuilding-Iron & Steel Commercial Vessels & Drivers
$12.90$13.02Ship Repair Conversion U.S. Act
$17.32$17.08Ship Hull Painting-Includes Cleaning & Scaling-U.S. Act
$3.31$3.75Ship Repair-Ships in Dry Docks
$2.85$3.43Ship Hull Painting
$6.56$6.85Vessels including Dock Employees Program I
$7.29$7.61Vessels -Ship Pilots - Program II - State Act Benefits
$5.08$5.24Boat Livery-Boats < 15 TONS- Program I
$6.58$7.58Vessels- Master & Crew that are furnished Living Quarters
$12.33$13.13Vessels- Includes Harvesting Planting & Operation -USL Act Benefits
$9.54$10.04Boat Livery-Boats < 15 Tons Program II-USL Act Benefits
$5.64$5.82Boat Livery-Boats < 15 Tons State Act Benefits Program II
$7.31$8.43Vesels Not Self Propelled- Program II
$12.37$14.53Vessels Not Self Propelled US Act Benefits
$3.35$4.41Railroad Operation- All EE's & Drivers
$4.07$5.36Railroad Operation - Including Clerical- Program I
$7.65$10.26Railroad Operation - Including Clerical- Program II-USL Benefits
$4.52$5.96Railroad Operation - Program II State Acts
$8.93$10.89Animal Stables-Boarding & Drivers
$1.33$1.56Greyhound Breeding
$11.52$12.58Horse Training
$6.89$7.76Trucking: All EE's & Drivers
$6.39$6.70Trucking - Oil Field Equipment- All EE's & Drivers
$11.77$12.48Trucking-Parcel & Package Delivery-All EE's & Drivers
$7.78$8.10Mail or Parcel Delivery by Service Package - Courier Companies
$13.33$12.95Mail or Parcel Under Contract with the USPS
$3.52$3.13Coal Dock Ops and Stevedoring
$13.99$13.06Stevedoring by Hand or Hand Trucks Only
$27.16$28.42Stevedoring-Containerized Freight -Gantry Cranes
$6.08$7.36Dredging - Channels including Cleaning
$6.75$8.17Dredging -Subject to the Admiralty Law
$11.42$14.09Dredging - Program II-USL Act Beneftis
$12.34$12.75Freight Handling -US Act
$4.92$5.36Freight Handling -State Act
$5.05$5.87Limousine or Taxicab Company
$5.87$6.67Drivers & Chauffeurs
$5.05$5.56Bus Company- All EE's & Drivers
$5.51$6.46College or School Bus Drivers
$4.74$5.38Wholesale Beer or Ale Dealer & Drivers-Wholesale
$5.11$6.51Diving - Marine Salvage Operations-Program I
$5.68$7.24Diving - Marine Salvage Operations-Program II State Acts
$9.61$12.46Diving - Marine Salvage Operations-Program II USL Act Benefits
$0.15$0.19Air Traffic Controllers Contracted by The FAA
$5.14$6.07Aviation-Ground Personelle & Drivers
$1.78$1.91Aviation-Flying Crew-Scheduled or Commuter
$14.83$15.40Aviation-Stunt Flying
$0.76$0.89Aviation- Company owned Flying Creww
$2.03$2.36Fying Crew -other than Helicopters
$1.68$1.90Aircraft or Helicopter Operation: Flying Crew
$0.99$1.05Air Charter-Taxi or Flying Crew
$0.96$1.03Reporting-Non Ratable Portion of Rate Code 7405
$0.53$0.57Reporting-Non Ratable Portion of Rate Code 7431
$2.20$2.55Gas Company Distributor - Local EE's & Drivers
$1.50$1.73Oil or Gas Pipeline Operators & Drivers
$3.93$4.69Waterworks Operation & Drivers
$6.20$8.66Powerline or Electric Light Construction & Drivers
$1.71$2.00Powerline or Electric Company All Other Employees & Drivers
$2.91$3.20Rural Electrification Adminstration - Light or Power Cooperative
$2.65$3.15Sewage Disposal Plant Operation & Drivers
$4.63$6.10Garbage Works-Reduction & Inceneration
$4.65$5.35Telecommunications Co- All EE's & Drivers
$2.70$3.04Fire & Burglar Alarm Installation & Repair & Drivers
$0.59$0.67Broadcast or Radio Station - TV or Motion Pics-All EE's & Drivers
$5.09$5.50Fire Fighters and Drivers
$4.55$5.62Ambulance Service Companies (EMR) Provider & Drivers-Volunteer
$3.83$4.16Police Officers & Drivers
$4.59$5.26Railroad Construction- Track Laying or Maintenance
$4.18$5.35Florists & Drivers
$2.28$2.47Car Rental Company- EE's & Drivers
$2.37$3.02Gas Station- Self Service & Convienence/Grocery
$1.47$1.69Retail Store-Wearing Apparel-Dry Goods
$1.94$2.20Hardware Store
$0.60$0.70Jewelry Store
$1.13$1.33Printing or Copying- Quick Printing- All EE's & Clerical
$1.70$2.05Retail Store
$3.15$3.67Store: Wholesale- Art Supplies
$4.09$5.17Store: Fish
$3.64$3.95Store: Meat & Fish-Retail
$2.88$3.46Store: Clothing - Wholesale
$2.04$2.37Store: Meat
$2.52$2.50Superstore or Warhouse Club
$2.01$2.54Retail Department Store
$3.02$3.63Store: Furniture & Drivers
$0.72$0.72Drug Store
$3.40$3.97Auto Parts Store & Drivers
$1.17$1.25Wholesale Drug Store
$2.70$3.15Building Material Dealer-New Materials Only-Store EE's
$2.87$3.55Store: Groceries & Provisions-Retail-Convienence
$2.70$2.75Seed Merchant
$2.61$3.05Wool Merchant
Hide or Leather Dealer- Wholesale or Retail
$6.62$7.58Iron or Steel Merchant & Drivers
$3.65$4.53Machinery Dealer
$2.08$2.33Plumbers Supply Dealer & Drivers
$2.67$3.21Farm Machinery Dealer
$6.65$7.16Ice Manufacturing & Distribution & Drivers
$6.56$7.65Building Material Yard & Local Managers
$5.95$6.40Vegetable Packing including Drivers
$6.72$8.19Constructruction - Permanent Yard
$4.88$5.50Lumberyard-New Materials Only-Warehouse EE's & Drivers
$3.57$3.85Coal Merchant & Local Managers & Drivers
$6.35$6.73Door & Sash Dealer- Assembled Work & Drivers
$8.12$9.28Junk Dealer & Drivers- Collecting or Handling
$5.53$6.29Bottle Dealer & Drivers- Secondhand Material Incl paper stock
$6.79$7.59Iron or Steel Scrap Dealers & Drivers
$4.76$5.28Horse Breeding-Involving Stallions- Includes Drivers
$4.88$5.55Horse Breeding-Not Involving Stallions- Includes Drivers
$8.02$9.71Stable or Breeding Farm & Drivers
$8.73$8.65Livestock Dealer or Commission Merchant
$3.95$4.46Warehouse Storing - Cold Warehouse
$4.68$5.64Storage Warehouse
$10.81$12.12Furniture Storage Warehouse & Drivers
$5.26$5.48Grain Elevator Operation & Drivers
$6.70$7.42Gas or Oil Dealer & Drivers
$5.96$6.00Propane Sales-LPG & Salespersons & Drivers
$3.02$3.53Auto Service & Repair Center & Drivers
$2.13$2.11Gasoline Station-Self Service Only-Retail
$2.95$3.36Garage Employees=Bus Company
$2.85$3.30Auto Storage Garage-Parking Lot or Parking Station
$2.01$2.59Automobile Body Repair Shop
$8.74$9.72Metal Scrap Dealer & Drivers
$0.53$0.61Architectural or Engineering Firm-Consulting
$0.14$0.15Engineering Firm-Clerical Employees
$2.27$2.58Geophysical Exploration-Seismic-All EE's & Drivers
$4.91$6.21Stevedoring-Talliers & Checking Clerks
$1.88$2.31Real Estate Appraisal - Inspection of Risks for Valuation
$0.27$0.32Real Estate Appraisal Company - Outside Employees
$0.18$0.20Insurance Companies including Clerial & Sales
$0.26$0.26Inventory Counters-Traveling Sales and Clerical EE's
$2.44$2.51Steamship Line or Agency-Port Employees
$0.45$0.46Insurance Outside Claim Adjustors
$0.38$0.44Outside Sales Personelle- Collectors or Messengers
$5.55$7.45News Agent or Distributor of Magizines
$0.68$0.80Automobile Salespersons
$0.44$0.56Labor Union-All EE's
$0.69$0.86Mailing or Addressing Company or Letter Service Shop - Clerical EE's
$1.73$1.90Direct Mail Advertising Company- & Clerical Support EE's
$0.08$0.11Accounting Auditor-Traveling
$0.24$0.30Clerical Office Employees Covered by Program II-State Act
$0.18$0.23Clerical Employees
$0.22$0.27Clerical Employees-Coverage I (MA)
$0.41$0.53Clerical Employees-Coverage II USL & State Act
$0.15$0.17Attorney Office
$3.74$4.46Retirement Livning Centers - Health Care EE's
$2.37$2.71Retirement Livning Centers - Food Service EE's
$2.95$3.30Reitirement Living Center - All Other EE's
$2.27$2.56Nursing or Convalescent Home - All EE's
$1.91$2.31Veterinary Hospital & Drivers
$0.38$0.42Physician Office Including Clerical Office Staff
$1.17$1.43Hospital: Professional EE's
$2.15$2.43Nursing-Home Heatlh
$1.74$1.95Nursing Home: Professional EE's
$2.62$2.81Group Home-All EE's
$0.18$0.22Banks & Trust Companies-All EE's
$0.30$0.31Check Cashing Establishment- All EE's
$1.61$1.74Social Services Orginazation-All EE's
$0.45$0.53College or School-Professional Employees & Clerical
$1.51$1.79Child Care Center-Professional EE's
$0.14$0.19Clerical Telecommuter
$0.26$0.32Telephone or Telegraph Company- Office EE's & Clerical
$1.08$1.41Building or Property MGT by Owner- Lessee or Real Estate Mgmt
$4.14$4.92Buldings-Operations by Contractor
$4.09$4.71Property MGMT by Owner-Maintenance-All Other EE's
$2.75$2.88Amusement Park-Exhibition Operators & Drivers
$2.71$2.64Bridge or Vehicular Tunnel Operations & Drivers
$2.52$2.77Housing Authority-Clerical Sales & Drivers
$3.92$4.44Hospital-All Other EE's
$3.38$4.03Nursing Home- All Other EE's
$2.98$3.45Hotel-All Other EE's & Drivers
$2.08$2.46Hotel- Restaurant EE's
$2.11$2.40Country Club-Golf
$2.11$2.60Club: Not Otherwise Classified & Clerical
$1.18$1.43YMCA or Fitness
$3.74$3.58United States Armed Service Risk-All EE's & Drivers
$1.87$2.14Restaurant: Fast Food
$1.37$1.65Billard Hall
$2.01$2.17Bowling Lane
$3.88$4.41College: All Other EE's
$4.21$4.58Park/Lawn Maintenance- All Other EE's
$1.90$2.05Theater-All Other EE's
$11.19$11.08Window Cleaners & Drivers
$7.72$10.11Athletic Sports Park-No Contact Sports
$9.36$12.26Athletic Sports or Park - Contact Sports
$3.94$3.83Amusement Device Operator-Not Traveling & Drivers
$2.49$2.91Athletic Sports Park - Operations & Drivers
$7.39$9.08Cemetarty Operations & Drivers
$8.21$9.77Street Cleaning & Drivers
$7.57$8.77Garbage Collection-Ashes & Refuse-Includes Drivers
$3.68$4.18Painting Shop Only & Drivers
$4.46$4.52Painting: Automobile or Carriage Bodies
$5.04$5.60Household Appliance-Electrical Installation
$5.04$6.99Home Furnishing Installation & Upholstering
$6.25$7.51Mobile Crane And Hoisting Service Contractors
$11.63$13.03Sign Install
$0.73$0.95Barber/Beauty Shop
$1.37$1.51Funeral Director & Drivers

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