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We represent the same major carriers as anyone else. We have several AM Best "A" rated carriers to place our clients with. We will not sacrifice product quality for price.

We've negotiated deals with insurance providers that pass on as much savings as possible to our clients. We believe in long-term client relationships over quick profits.

Not bad at all, considering they don't exist. We offer products that combine your payroll with your Workers' Comp. Truly pay-as-you-go with no frustrating year-end audits.

Absolutely. In fact, our 20+ years of experience in the industry is in helping construction, high-risk, and bad-loss clients find affordable Workers' Comp insurance.

In Florida, a WC "Mod" is assigned to each business. Depending on your claims history, this number fluctuates as a multiplier to adjust the manual rates set by the state. However, just because you have a "high mod" doesn't mean you can't find affordable coverage

Zero percent. Unlike traditional insurance carriers, we don't require a down-stroke of premium. We offer truly pay-as-you-go Workers' Comp based off your payroll cycle. Sometimes we do incur "setup" fees, however we try to waive these as much as possible for our clients.

No. We provide our online comparison tool for free as a resource to all Florida based companies. While we'd love to earn your business, there is no obligation. It's our hope that you'll find the answers you need to make an informed decision about Workers' Compensation products.

It varies. We base our information off the information you provide to us as well as our internal averages. The more accurate the information you provide, the more accurate our numbers will be post-underwriting.

Yes. When combining your payroll with your Workers' Comp, it's important that your service provider does not charge you for SUTA and FUTA past the cutoff wage amount. We only deal with providers that honor this cutoff.

No problem! We've assisted numerous new companies get started with first-time Workers' Comp and payroll services. In fact, most of the time we can find them discounts as well.

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Coverage and rates cannot be guaranteed until an underwriting process occurs and if the risk is deemed acceptable. Our online pricing comparison may show available discounts which are calculated by internal averages. Actual rates may vary. No coverage can be bound, altered, or modified via this website alone.