Florida Workers' Comp Code: 3146

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Florida Workers' Comp Code: 3146

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Florida Workers' Comp Code Florida Manual Rate per $100 (2023) Rate from 2022 Change from 2022 Description
FL 3146$2.01$2.30-$0.29Hardware Maker- Doorknobs
Detailed Description: :

This code applies to the employees manufacturing a great number of products some of which are metal handbag frames, doorknobs, handles and key plates, saddlery hardware (including bits, buckles and snaps), casket hardware, trunk hardware, refrigerator handles and hinges, combination and time locks for safes, automotive specialities (such as choke & throttle rods, accelerator assemblies, metal moldings and incidental trim, tire and automobile locks and hood latches), roller and ice skates, horseshoes, etc.

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